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What Is Hypno Massage

What Is Hypno Massage

Hypno massage is a new type of massage that combines massage with hypnosis.

If we accept that the general purpose of massage is to promote relaxation and well-being, hypno massage becomes stronger than other types of massage. Because, hypno massage gives deeper relaxation to client than other types of massage. Relaxation is a restoration of the balance between mind and body. Some techniques create relaxation through the body such as massage, walking and sport. While other techniques produce the relaxation response through the mind such as meditation, hypnosis and music. Hypno massage creates relaxation through the body and mind.

How does Hypno massage work?

hypno massage is preformed two forms:

1.Apart form

2.Together form

In apart form hypnomasseur begins with hypnosis and than gives massage to client. In fact, hypnosis and massage are two separate parts.

Together form is different. In this form, hypnomasseur uses from massage as a hypnosis induction. In the other words, he does hypnosis and massage together.

Who can benefit from hypno massage?

All of people who benefit from hypnosis and massage can use hypno massage.

Who can perform hypno massage?

Hypno massage is a tool as hypnosis that can be used for different subjects. Masseurs who have learned hypnosis can use hypno massage to their clients.

The benefits of hypno massage

Areas of benefit offered by hypno-massage include:

Stress & Anxiety Release

Total Relaxation

Tension headaches

Self-esteem & Confidence

Pain Management



Fears & phobias release

depression recovery

Weight control

Sexual dysfunction

Recovery of addiction

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