Saturday , 23 March 2019

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Microsoft, FBI Flatten Monster Botnet

A coalition comprising Microsoft, the FBI, financial industry companies and technology firms has taken out more than 1,400 botnets that used the Citadel Trojan to steal victims’ online banking information and information about their identities, following an investigation launched in 2012. “This was a lengthy process, and we relied heavily on our financial services and technology industry partners to ensure ... Read More »

Nuclear Power, Part 1: A Smaller, Safer Future

Keeping the lights on in the global industrial world — never an easy task — never seems to get any easier. Nuclear energy, which provides nearly 20 percent of our nation’s electricity, is at a crossroads. Can nuclear reactors — the torrid, pulsating, heat-generating hearts of nuclear power plants — ever be safe enough? Particularly following the May 2011 Fukushima ... Read More »

It’s a Smart Smart Smart Smartphone World

More than half of the adults in the United States now own a smartphone, constituting a new milestone in the history of the device, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Specifically, smartphone adoption has grown to 56 percent of American adults, according to Pew’s Smartphone Ownership 2013 report released this week. That’s the largest percentage since Pew ... Read More »

Early Salvos Launched Ahead of Cybersecurity Talks

President Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping will meet this weekend to talk cybersecurity, among other things, but there are plenty of people on either side talking already. A day after China’s claim that it has “mountains of data” proving U.S.-based hackers have been attacking the Middle Kingdom, United States intelligence officials say they have reason to believe Chinese hackers ... Read More »

Tech Industry Could Pay Stiff Price for PRISM

Technology firms in the United States might be impacted adversely by the National Security Agency’s controversial PRISM program. Classified documents about the program leaked to The Washington Post and The Guardian indicate that major U.S. high-tech companies — including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Skype (now owned by Microsoft) — provide it data. This data is the major source of ... Read More »

Latest Wrinkle in Data Security: Time Cloaking

If a message isn’t read, does it exist? Bishop Berkeley would say no, and a temporal cloak that creates a gap in time during the transmission of a message might prove him right. Latest Wrinkle in Data Security: Time Cloaking Researchers at Purdue University have created such a cloak: It can hide about 46 percent of the time required to ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Uncanny Transformation

For much of the last decade, Microsoft has set an example more of doing things wrong than right, but at TechEd last week, Microsoft suddenly was showcasing a number of really smart decisions and best practices. It almost felt like an event from a different company — or the company I remember from the 1990s, before it got arrogant; when ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Tops the Agenda in U.S.-China Weekend Talks

Among the issues on the agenda for the talks over the weekend between China’s President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Obama were cybersecurity and hacker attacks on U.S. targets by hackers based in China. Even if China had the will to act against hackers within its territory, doing so wouldn’t be easy, noted FireEye CTO Ashar Aziz. “The technical means ... Read More »

iRobot Remotely Goes Where You Want to Go, Sees What You Want to See

iRobot, perhaps best known for its Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner, has announced the Ava 500, a robot that lets users conduct video conferences while on the move. The device was developed and will be marketed in close alliance with Cisco. It consists of a Cisco TelePresence EX60 personal telepresence system — essentially a two-way videoconference screen with associated technology — ... Read More »

Microsoft Targets Hard-Core Gamers with 13 New Xbox One Titles

Against the backdrop of the E3 video game conference and show in Los Angeles this week, Microsoft unveiled 13 new games for its upcoming Xbox One video game console. While the company had offered a peak at the hardware behind the system a few weeks ago at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters, its press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo press ... Read More »