Wednesday , 20 March 2019

While planning Travel Vacations in Calcutta and India through wild life adventure

India is not only well known for its heritage travel and tourism but the wild life adventure of this country is also very exciting and thrilling and millions of people visit this country each and every year just to take the enjoyment of the wildlife adventure of this country. Nobody can deny that it is as various in kind as it is rich with the blessings of nature mother. Approximately 4% of the entire land is covered by dense forest and India is a country where one can find 90 national parks and almost 482 sanctuaries which is not a matter of joke. One can find very exceptional and rare species of animals and plants in such forests that can provide with a different kind of flavor and taste and experience. Wildlife Travel in India can be lifetime experience for many people and a nature lover will be overwhelmed while witnessing such various species in the forests of the country. India possesses almost 70% of biodiversity among the whole world.

If any tourist wants to explore the wildlife in the state of west Bengal then the wildlife in the forest of Sunder ban will welcome him/her. The best tour guide in Calcutta or the best tour operator in Calcutta can never ignore such a tour to sunder ban if it has to draw a complete tour in the state of West Bengal or even for the city. More surprisingly many people wish to visit this heritage forest while they are on their Honeymoon vacation in Calcutta. Nobody can deny the fact that the country is no doubt the home of numerous mammals including Asian Elephants or Asiatic Lion. Such mammals are significant in this country as they are very associated with various deities in this country. A nature lover will be mesmerized while taking the flavor of wildlife adventure of this country. It is not very surprising that people can never complete the whole wildlife adventure of this country in a single tour.

The wildlife adventure tour of this country really possesses the extraordinary factor and has the capacity to mesmerize with its glory and diversity to all nature lovers. The biodiversity factor is no doubt a heritage factor for the basic attraction in this country. The tour can give you something more than a usual adventurous tour. Each and every year numerous people from all over the world come and enjoy the adventurous tour because of its heritage factor. If anybody ask the names of several top level national parks of this country then without any doubt one can mention the name of Jim Corbett National Park (Uttaranchal) or Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. One can also mention Gir National Park in Sasangir (Gujrat) and Ranthambhor National Park in Sawai Madhopur in the list. Such national parks definitely enrich your adventure tour to this land. These parks are full of beautiful species of birds and various rare species of animals among them many are extinct and various species of plants that may have huge Ayurvedic benefits.

The Jim Corbett national park is the only one sanctuary in the Himalayas having a wide variety in the animals and plants. There is no doubt that the sanctuary is very popular just because of its tigers and leopards. The sanctuary is full of its flora and fauna. The sanctuary is build in the year 1936 having more than 110 species of trees and numerous kinds if animals including birds and reptiles. A roaming around in this sanctuary is an experience in itself and an adventure lover can never deny the extraordinary beauty of this place.

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