Monday , 20 August 2018

Pet wormers Worms can never be a problem


Worms are one of the enemies of our dear pets. Not only they cause diseases but also affect the health of the animals and the owner too. Not only that, pet worms in the worst case scenario can cause untimely death of the animal. Pet wormers provide solution to this problem.

Despite of the availability of pet wormers everywhere the common problem is the application of these to our pets. Most often than not, pets such as dogs and cats refuse to take the medicine. That was the problem decades ago. And now, there are various applications available to easily apply pet wormers to your pet.

Wormer paste

Wormer paste is applied frequently to treat roundworms in dogs and puppies and may contain active ingredient piperazine. This type of pet wormer is available in the market in different flavors and can be directly fed or added to the food. However, to be sure with regards to its application, read pet wormers label carefully. This is not only available for dogs but also for kittens, puppies, and adult cats.

Liquid wormer

There are various economical liquid wormers that may be used on puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats. This is administered by giving it to the animal through syringe while some can be added to the food. However, there is a dosage prescribe depending on the age of your pet. In addition, since this is being taken internally, it is vital that you consult the veterinarian as to the problem of your pet.

Drontal spot/ Spot wormer

This type of pet wormer is very easy to apply. The wormer is applied directly to the infested area and fleas or eggs are killed right after the contact. This an odorless type of pet wormer.

Wormer powder

This type of pet wormer is a dusting powder for the control of lice, fleas and ticks on all animals. It acts as a contact poison on the insects specified.

The administration varies depending on the extent of infection. This is usually applied lightly to the coat, particularly around the neck, chest and back. Most often this is applied at weekly intervals and also applied to bedding and kennels and housing areas.


Most tablets can be chewable and some are available without prescription. 100% safe and effective when used according to label directions. Moreover tablets are sized for easy oral administration. Some types of this are made palatable to the dogs taste to encourage the administration. Most tablets contain three ingredients Praziquantel, Pyrantel, Febantel.

These types of pet wormers have been formulated to help pet owners in the problem of pet worms. With these readily available in the market, worms can never be a problem.

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