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Which Massage Therapist to Choose

Which Massage Therapist to Choose

Just because a sign outside a place of business reads ‘massage’ does not mean there is a qualified person inside performing the massages. Performing massages (the right way) requires a detailed understanding of physiology and a mastery of massage techniques. A qualified massage therapist should have the proper license and proof of training. Both should be prominently displayed in the office much like any other medical professional displays their credentials.

There are several types of massage therapists to choose from, the right choice will be based upon your particular physical need and ultimate goal.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Most states require therapists to pass a national certification exam before they are allowed to perform massage therapy. In addition too the basic certification, many therapists will earn additional certification in specialized forms of massage, such as reflexology, Trager massage or Swedish massage.

Nurse Massage Therapist

A nurse message therapist will be an RN with an additional massage therapy license. A nurse massage therapist is usually connected with a hospital, clinic or other medical facility and works in tandem with physicians to promote patient health.

Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist sometimes incorporates massage therapy into an overall plan to treat patients with hand injuries or lymphedema. Lymphedema is the build up of excess body fluids in extremities that cause hands and feet to swell, massage will help the body rid itself of the excess fluid.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists uses a wide range of exercises and manual manipulation on patients after surgery or injury. The manual manipulation may include deep tissue massage techniques or Swedish massage to help relieve pain and enable patients to regain full range of motion.

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