Monday , 27 May 2019

masaj – Feeldoe – A Detailed Review


Feeldoe has been called original patented strapless strap-on. Many women and men have found the Feeldoe to be great for girl on girl vaginal or anal sex, or girl on guy anal sex.

The “wearers” end of the Feeldoe has a bulb that goes inside her and gives her vaginal muscles something to hold onto while she penetrates her girlfriend or boyfriend.

There are also ridges on the Feeldoe right were it rests against the wearer’s clitoris, to give her extra stimulation while she thrusts.

The shaft end of the Feeldoe comes up at what is a pretty a natural angle allowing you great penetration of a partner in most positions. The silicone of the Feeldoe is also soft and pliable enough for varied penetration angles, but also firm enough to be satisfying and give you the feeling of hardness, like a fully hard penis.

The Feeldoe also comes with a waterproof vibrating bullet, to make it one of the only vibrating strapless strap-ons.

The Feeldoe is semi realistic in it’s shape and design. It’s tipped with a somewhat realistic penis head, has a smooth shaft and come in basic colors (as opposed so some dildos that are completely realistic with veins and all and come in flesh colors).

Wearing the Feeldoe is a very different strap-on experience. The manufacturer recommends you wear it around the house getting used to your new center of gravity, how it moves and how you can control the movement before you try it with your partner, etc. I think though, that you will have the most fun simply exploring it with your partner. After all, getting used to it is part of the fun, why keep it to yourself?
A few more facts about the Feeldoe:

Maximum insertable diameter of the Feeldoe is 1.5 inches.

Main shaft insertable length of the Feeldoe is 7 inches.

The silicone the Feeldoe is made out of is among the most safe, reliable, health-smart soft material used for toys. Tantus Silicone toys are made of 100 percent ultra-premium platinum quality silicone. They not only get home alive, but with a little care they can last a lifetime. You can be assured that a toy from Tantus Silicone is a toy that is safe to be used!

Tantus Silicone is hygienic. No open pores to harbor bacteria.

Tantus Silicone is hypoallergenic. It has no reaction to chemistry of the body, 100 percent silicone toys are completely inert. They do not alter pH balance, or cause a reaction to the body’s natural chemistry.

Tantus Silicone is phthalate free.

Tantus Silicone is easy to clean. Silicone can be boiled or bleached; they’re even dishwasher safe. It is recommended to use antibacterial dish washing soap. Amazingly, Tantus toys are completely safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit!

This means you can easily sterilize by boiling for your safety and health.

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