Tuesday , 23 April 2019

the animals – Billabong Quiksilver and Animal True Enduring Fashions

Fashion is something of a dodgy subject, what is it who makes it and quite frankly who follows it religiously? Twice a year the top people in the fashion industry get together and display what they think we should be wearing for -have to look at a pair of white boots or a shoulder pad to know exactly which era it has come from. Have any fashions endured, is so why? We are going to have a look back through some of the decades to see if we can find those magical items that are still being worn and loved today.

All Curves and Swagger in the 1950s
The style that many associate with women in the 1950s is a full skirt and small waist, the hour glass shape was rejoiced which Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell showed it off to great effect in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1953. Women looked like dolls with exaggerated make up and perfect hair styles a reaction against the drab look of the 1940s where excess was quashed in the advent of the Second World War.

The Slimmed Down 60s
So enter the 60s which made curves to disappear and they have never fully recovered! The decade started with women like Ursula Andress and finished with Twiggy who epitomised gamine chic with her tiny frame and big bambi eyes. All of the fashions at this time were aimed towards women being very slim, mini skirts and knee high boots are pretty unflattering on women who were anything but tiny. Hairstyles were overstated or severe, the beehive was very popular and make up was heavy black eyes and pale lips. By the end of the decade the hippies had taken over .

Enter the 70s with Hippies and Disco Queens
The 70s saw the continuation of the hippy look with floaty material and hair very long, however by the middle of the decade the disco revolution had started and the look became incredibly theatrical. Make up was overstated and glittery the colour palette was much brighter, a sign of the make up trends and fashions of the 1980s and the general horror!! The 1970s saw the introduction of surf clothing in style with the sport gaining in popularity, brands such as Billabong and Quiksilver were founded in the early 1970s.

The Horror, otherwise known as the 1980s
Where to start, the shoulder pads, the perms, the eye shadow taking over the face and that is just the beginning. We have decided not to dwell on this era it is simply too upsetting not least because some fashion expert thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce leggings and shoulder pads, the only word that springs to mind in this situation is WHY?!

The 1990s Eco Warriors and Far too Much Denim
Who didnt have a pair of Dr Martins and a reversible jumper huh! This was the decade when clothes got interactive, it wasnt just a skirt it had shorts attached, it wasnt just a boring old t shirt when you got too hot it changed colours oh yes! No one can really explain why these seemed like a good idea in the early 90s but to be honest with girl power and towering wedges taking centre stage towards the end of the decade it didnt get much better! Make up was still heavy but not the paintbox colours of the 1980s and every girl who was worth her fashion credentials dyed her hair with a plum colour at some point in the decade. The Rachel became the hair cut of choice as friends became the top television show.

Any Winners?
The only resounding style that seems to have been a constant since its introduction into the fashion world is the relaxed surfer style that has continued to grow and still has the same relaxed vibe that it had when it first appeared. It has now grown into a multi million pound industry with brands like, Quiksilver, Animal and Billabong dominating the sales. With both men and women enjoying the clothing and it having retained its cool vibe throughout al these years it truly is the most enduring fashion!

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