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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Boot up: App Store bitcoins, open web death?, China v Android…

Apple to Allow bitcoin Apps in App Store >> On Bitcoin According to the Developer Guidelines section 11.17: Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions This means that developers can now build iOS apps for Bitcoin wallets. And Coinbase, Blockchain, ... Read More »

Boot up: app extensions compared, robot trucks!, IBM’s woes

Intents, Contracts, and App Extensions: app-to-app communication in Android, Windows Phone and iOS 8 >> Microsoft blogs Helpful outline from Sasha Goldshetein: Let’s now consider a few scenarios and see how they can be handled by the various platforms. But first, how do users gain access to code that provides these extension points? On all three platforms, extensions ship as ... Read More »

Boot up: Samsung Nook?, more OpenSSL woes, Tankchair!

Nook + Samsung >> SuperSite for Windows For a while there it looked like Microsoft would either purchased Barnes & Noble’s struggling Nook e-book reader business or partner with the firm to create Windows-based Nooks. But today, Barnes & Noble upended those possibilities in announcing a partnership with Samsung in which the consumer electronics giant will make future Nook tablets. ... Read More »

oot up: Google ‘Nearby’?, big data myths, Tim Cook’s mistake

Privacy as a competitive vector >> AVC Fred Wilson (whose venture capital company has invested in DuckDuckGo): assuming that Google’s search volume keeps growing at 15% per year, DuckDuckGo would be doing 1.7% of Google’s daily search volume in three years. So there is certainly a market out there for people who will accept a slightly weaker product in exchange ... Read More »

Boot up: smart TV hacks, platform churn, ZTE poaching from Motorola

Alarm bells ring for Internet of Things after smart TV hack >> SC Magazine UK Yossef Oren and Angelos Keromytis from the Network Security Lab at Columbia University have found that the so-called Smart TV could be hacked using a cheap antenna and broadcast messages, and relies on an insecurity in the Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband Television Standard (HbbTV), which now features ... Read More »

Boot up: Google and Skybox, Android’s Quantum Paper, Apple TV games?

Google owns a satellite now >> The Atlantic Robinson Meyer: Skybox’s success doesn’t depend on it developing a perfect image-evaluation algorithm. It merely depends on another developer using its cloud to develop an algorithm. Now it joins Google. The advertising giant might use the small satellites in its quest for more and faster data for its Maps and Earth services. The company, ... Read More »

Boot up: Amazon’s challenge, ‘blue packets’, and disrupting disruption

Android web traffic distribution: Samsung, LG see quarter-over-quarter gains >> Chitika Two and a half years after launching its first Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon is expected to unveil its first smartphone on June 18, 2014. Usage statistics point to the company already having made a sizable impact in North America on the strength of its existing tablet offerings, but becoming ... Read More »